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Immerse in our café's cozy vibe, where fresh coffee blends with THAR enthusiasts' camaraderie. Sip, relax, and ignite conversations in a warm ambiance.

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Discover Thargarh's Indian events havens – secure parking, tent spaces, must-have amenities. Book now for an unforgettable adventure. Thargarh – unlocking exploration.

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Uncover our cutting-edge THAR garage – a haven for enthusiasts. Trust us for maintenance, upgrades, and witness your THAR transform.

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Unleash your THAR's wild spirit on our 4x4 track. Conquer terrains, navigate obstacles, and relish off-road adventures tailored for thrill-seekers.

About Us

Thargarh: Where Motorheads Unite for Unforgettable Adventures!
A Unique Haven for THAR Enthusiasts to Connect, Plan, and Transform Ordinary Life into Extraordinary Adventures.
Your Ultimate Destination for Thrilling Journeys and Camaraderie!


Welcome to Thargarh – India's Premier Hub for Thrilling THAR Enthusiasts! Join our vibrant community of explorers and off-road aficionados. Thargarh is your gateway to seamless journeys across Bharat's breathtaking landscapes.
Explore dynamic 4x4 tracks, benefit from expert THAR maintenance, and elevate your off-roading skills with our specialized training – all in one place.

Immerse yourself in our strategically located explorer-friendly stays, offering diverse terrains from deserts to snow, hills to beaches. Discover our crown jewel – the largest 4x4 track in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, and experience our expansive garage in Dabwali, Haryana.

Thargarh: Where the thrill of the journey seamlessly merges with the beauty of Bharat. Join us for an unforgettable adventure!

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Explore endless excitement at Thargarh with our ongoing offers!
From cafe delights to garage services, staycations to 4x4 tracking – indulge in unbeatable deals that keep the adventure alive.


First Tea Free

Cheers to Your Adventure!

First-time female THAR drivers enjoy a complimentary welcome tea at Thargarh cafes. Start your adventure with a sip on us!


Park & Play

Campers Park Free!

Thar owners with their own camp setup can freely indulge in Thargarh's amenities. Your adventure, your way!


Explorer's Welcome

Park your curiosity

Set your spirit free, and savor a complimentary meal as you arrive at Thargarh!

Upcoming events

Thargarh welcomes all Thar enthusiasts to a series of thrilling events designed to push the limits of off-road adventure. From the heart-pounding excitement of the Desert Rally to the serene beauty of the Aravalli Trails, our events cater to diverse preferences. Join us for the ultimate celebration of off-roading prowess, where like-minded individuals come together to share their passion for exploration, challenges, and the unbeatable thrill of conquering varied terrains. Explore, conquer, and create unforgettable memories with Thargarh Thar Enthusiasts Events.

Desert Rally

Thargarh Jaisalmer - January

High-octane off-road racing amidst vast desert landscapes. Test your skills against challenging dunes and unpredictable terrains, pushing both man and machine to the limit.

ETC Challenge

Thargarh, Gurgaon - August

Endurance, Toughness, Courage challenge. Combining off-road racing, navigation challenges, and survival skills, Thar owners face demanding tasks showcasing resilience in both man and machine.

Moto Beach Fest

Thargarh, Goa - October

A vibrant celebration bringing together vintage to modern Thars on display, accompanied by music. Moto Beach Fest is a fusion of classic and contemporary, uniting Thar enthusiasts for a day of shared passion, showcasing the evolution of this iconic vehicle.

Snow Rally

Thargarh, Manali - December

Adrenaline-pumping winter off-roading. Navigate through snow-covered trails, showcasing your prowess in handling icy conditions against the serene snowy expanses.

Off-Road Mastery Begins Here

Embark on an off-road odyssey with Mahindra Adventure's official trainers!
Learn the art of off-roading on our 4x4 track, mastering terrains from mud to snow, hills to deserts.
Join the adventure and unlock the thrill of conquering every trail. Ready to rev up your off-road skills?

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Connect with fellow enthusiasts in your area! Join Thargarh community for THAR owners to plan explorations and adventures.
Reach out through our contact page, and let the camaraderie at Thargarh Cafe amplify your thrill-seeking experiences.


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